For San Francisco School Board

Education is a deeply held value in my family. My mother grew up poor in Wichita Kansas. Public school math landed her a job at a bank and a way out of poverty. My father was raised by a single mom in the 1950's. Math gave him a sense of stability, and a small tax business he runs today.

In third grade, my public school teacher taught me how to code. As a kid who was good at math, I loved it. By middle school I was writing computer games and sharing them with friends, and then selling them to friends. I realized that's how you start a company, and I stuck with that too. I started another company after college in the storage closet of my friend's office. We wrote algorithms that matched people to jobs, and it worked quite well. Eventually, LinkedIn bought the company and asked me to run their core business unit. I had this wild experience, suddenly finding myself as a leader of a multi-billion dollar organization with thousands of people.

As a parent of two young children, with an SFUSD teacher in the family, I see the crises our schools face - the financial crisis, the staffing crisis - and how my skills and experience are a direct match.


Please support me to bring financial and management experience to the SF Board of Ed!

A Fresh Start for SF School Board

Jaime Huling, John Jersin, and Parag Gupta for San Francisco Board of Education.